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The Adventures of Altac Pomo

Played two at a time Goal: to finish your degree and get a job without losing your spirit. To do so, you need to interact with other players and create your own winning card set (or deck). Required equipment: Starter card set, additional (blank) cards, pens Starter card set: Advisor (one-star Status card) Required reading …

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THATCamp Junior

At various times over the last year, there have been conversations about holding a THATCamp that was aimed at parents and kids. I know that we aren’t all parents, but for those of us who are, I’d be interested in having a session where we tease out what a THATCamp Junior would look like, whether …

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Notes from Intro to Omeka

Very brief notes from my session on using Omeka. Omeka is best suited for collections-based sites, where individual pieces, ie items, are described with Dublin Core metadata. General categories of most Omeka sites: archiving, exhibiting, collecting, teaching. See examples sites in the Showcase wiki (many highly customized sites): Do I need the downloadable version …

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The Naked Humanist

A lot of discussion around the digital humanities seems focused on research and changing practices within the academy.  That’s perfectly appropriate, but I’d also like to hear what THATcampers think about ways technology can enable greater engagement between humanists and the public. What’s the state of the art now?  Who’s work needs to be highlighted? …

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Writing Centers, data mining, assessment

I see that over at THATCamp-LAC, someone has proposed a session on “Technology in a Writing Center,” asking “What are some tools and best practices that could be helpful to student writers? How can technology help us beter understand the needs of students in writing pedagogy?” I’m the Assistant Director of the Writing Center at …

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API Slam

I attended the google maps talk at the bootcamp this afternoon.  As usual, the presenter (Mano Marks, Google Senior Geo Developer Advocate) mentioned several new tools, including Fusion Tables.  That got me roaming around Google labs.  “Wow, that looks cool.”  “Oh, I’ll have to check that out.” Now, maybe I’ll get around to exploring the …

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Session Proposal–Using mobile devices for data collection

I’ve become very interested in the potential for using mobile devices as  collection tools for primary data.  As an ethnographer, I’m especially interested in the ways a mobile app could be developed to enable research participants to collect data (audio, video, still images, etc) that would normally require the presence of a researcher.  An app …

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Proposal: Inclusion = 1 Part Yack + 2 Parts Hack

Context: What if we stopped using the terms “diversity” and “accessibility” and started using the term “inclusion” instead? Or what if we started using “inclusion” in addition to the other terms? One reason would be strategic, creating alliance among groups that might otherwise remain disparate. Another reason would be to move our conversations from discussions …

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