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Proposal: Inclusion = 1 Part Yack + 2 Parts Hack

Context: What if we stopped using the terms “diversity” and “accessibility” and started using the term “inclusion” instead? Or what if we started using “inclusion” in addition to the other terms? One reason would be strategic, creating alliance among groups that might otherwise remain disparate. Another reason would be to move our conversations from discussions …

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Proposal: AccessibleFutures.org — Accessibility Talk and Workshop

I would like to propose a roundtable web accessibility discussion and workshop that would help accelerate the adoption of accessible design strategies in the Digital Humanities. Over the past two years at the University of South Carolina Upstate, George Williams and I have been working in conjunction with Tina Herzberg on BrailleSC.org. Through our research, …

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Documentation: Love it or Hate it, We Need It

How does the availability, writing style, and level of completeness of documentation influence our willingness to use a digital tool or to engage in a project? More important, how does it effect the core audiences for our projects? I use the term “documentation” to refer to any set of instructional writing or media (printed and/or …

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Archives, Encoding, and Students, Oh My!

Teacher-scholars unite! I’ve been testing some possible applications of Omeka archives and Zotero as collaborative tools organizing the development of literary research methodologies classes, and I’d like to take the wonderful opportunity of THATcamp to begin developing the structure and content of project I see as The Next Step. I’d like your help to discuss, …

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Making the Digital Humanities Accessible: A Session Idea + A Survey

I read with interest James Neal’s post entitled “An honest and open discussion regarding diversity in the digital humanities?” I believe that discussion would be a welcome addition to the unconference schedule. Along these lines, I’d like to help organize a session about disability and accessibility, either as part of James’ session or in addition …

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