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Slides for the CMS talk

Here is a link to my slides on Slideshare for the CMS talk I gave.

Notes from Intro to Omeka

Very brief notes from my session on using Omeka. Omeka is best suited for collections-based sites, where individual pieces, ie items, are described with Dublin Core metadata. General categories of most Omeka sites: archiving, exhibiting, collecting, teaching. See examples sites in the Showcase wiki (many highly customized sites): omeka.org/codex/View_Sites_Powered_by_Omeka Do I need the downloadable version …

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Extensible mobile history

Lots of great themes are already emerging from the pre-conference posts; allow me to add a couple thoughts about mobile, which is one of the things that I’ll be interested in discussing and learning more about. My digital humanities research explores how one can curate a city through mobile devices. Over the past several months, …

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Archives, Encoding, and Students, Oh My!

Teacher-scholars unite! I’ve been testing some possible applications of Omeka archives and Zotero as collaborative tools organizing the development of literary research methodologies classes, and I’d like to take the wonderful opportunity of THATcamp to begin developing the structure and content of project I see as The Next Step. I’d like your help to discuss, …

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