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Proposing a Pan-THATCamp-alactic project

Yesterday, Dan Cohen tweeted a comment about all the places where THATCamps are springing up, causing me to once again look over the list of past and upcoming THATCamps–almost 50 in total.  It really has become a world-wide phenomenon. All of which caused me to tweet: Given the global nature of #THATCamp, it’d be cool …

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Session Proposal: Critical Code Studies

This session proposal overlaps with Patrick’s idea for a humanities coding session, but it’s different enough that I thought it might warrant its own session. Whereas Patrick would like to draw together people who write or hack code in a digital humanities context, I’d like to bring together people who are interested in the critical …

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Session Proposal: Building a Better Backchannel

It’s come to be expected at digital humanities-oriented conferences that there will be a vibrant backchannel—commentary, questions, dissent, and amplification, usually taking place in real-time (but not always real-place) on Twitter. Even scholarly conferences that are not strictly digital, such as the Modern Language Association, have begun to have ongoing and serious discussions on the …

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