Thinking like a (monkey) hacker

We’ll start by walking through some of the thinking habits and techniques in hacking the xkcd titles GreaseMonkey script. Greasemonkey is a Firefox plugin, so grab a copy if you don’t have one.

Also grab the GreaseMonkey addon

And the xkcd titles userscript

If you aren’t familiar with XKCD, you should be.

My go-to reference for javascript is Mozilla Developer Network

FireBug is a very useful tool for inspecting a web page, and will likely be helpful in your hacking adventures.

A basic text editor will also be helpful. TextMate is popular and good. kedit or gedit on Linux similar. I s’pose Notepad is the Windows equivalent. If you’ve done XML work in the past, you might have <oXygen/>, which also has a pretty darn good javascript editor.

Other suggestions? Please leave in the comments.

After we’ve spent a little while walking through hacking the xkcd userscript, we’ll turn it loose for everyone to do their own hacking on this slightly more interesting userscript, which modifies the THATCamp Campers page in a couple of ways.







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