Joint Session: THATCamps LAC and Prime (x-posted)

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Recent notices from funding agencies have been clear – they want to fund digital humanities work and they want to fund collaborations between R1 and Liberal Arts Colleges. Given this, we’d like to devote this session to talking about how we can best foster, propose, and run such collaboration.

This might include topics such as identifying collaborators, expertise (pedagogical, technical, disciplinary) sharing, ways to source “cycles” and to establish test beds, infrastructure, data set sharing, maximizing the opportunities of undergraduate research and pedagogy, and more!

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  1. Jack Dougherty

    Looking forward to this virtual session with THATCamp LAC, since I work at a liberal arts college (Trinity in Hartford CT) where there is no “Center for Things Digital,” which requires individuals like me to build external partnerships to advance projects. Sometimes I’ve worked with research university colleagues, while at other times it makes more sense to collaborate with folks at small institutions with similar needs. But either case raises the same question: how does the partnership speak to the needs of each party involved? Perhaps we can discuss some examples and creative thinking about collaboration during our virtual session.

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