Open-Omni Clearinghouse for Digital Humanities

Open-Omni is my term for all things “OPEN” such as open-source, open-access, open-scholarship, open-courseware, open-research, etc. etc. For a while I had been collecting the various sites and topics that they supported. I’m not sure that this needs to be a session per se of THATCamp, but I wonder if there is any meta-collection out there? I have used Personal Brain for my collection platform in the past and will make sure that I up load the file to the new Web Brain Site and make it viewable for all.

I know there are many related discussions about policy, organization resistance to adoption, etc. etc. At the moment, I’m just Curious George about how many more centers of activity are out there using an Open Model for process, tools, software, sharing content or knowledge, and so on.

BTW I anecdotally I found most organization sites were either in New Zealand or UK and Europe.

Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. George Brett

    Here’s a link to my Personal Brain map of the Meta University, CyberInfrastructure, and Open Omni (all things OPEN)


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