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NMAH Story: Story

On September 11, 2001 I was schedule to give birth to my first and only child just outside of Ft. Worth Texas. At 5:00am central time we started the process and everything was going normal and fine. My husband and I had brought with us to the hospital several movies because we were told that it could take as long as 20 hours to give birth. We had just gotten 1/2 way through the first movie when the nurse came running into our delivery room and said "Turn on CNN - the world Trade Center tower is on fire"...As I watched everything that unfolded it was surreal - I do not know if it was the meds. I was on or what even though time was passing quickly it seemed so slow. My son Christopher was born at will always be a bitter sweet day - On his first birthday we did a "red, White and Blue" birthday party.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

My life has changed because on that day my son was born...and looking at him I know that our world will never be the same as it was before that day...yet he will only know what the world is like after that day and think of everything as it is now is normal.

NMAH Story: Remembered

Just like we remember Pearl Harbor we should never forget Sept. 11th. This was a day that America was no longer was a day where now we as Americans have to live like the rest of the world...on was a day we awoke.

NMAH Story: Flag

no I did not, however my feelings for the flag has changed...I now get a bit teary eye every time the National Athem is played...I am making sure that my son learns what our flag stands for and how to honor it.


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