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NMAH Story: Story

That is one day I will never forget,I was getting dressed for work at Osco Drug store and my brother called me up and said are you watching the news? Isaid no why, he said
2 planes hit the twin towers I said what twin towers, All I know is Chicago, I didn't even know there was twin towers until that day. Naturally I thought he was playing around trying to make me watch something that was't there
so I humored him and turned it on, I was in total shock I just stood silent I couldn't believe what I was seeing, after I had hung up with him I called my daughter, then I went to work that's all they were talking about.Most of the people that came in did't even know what was happening
I was working the cash register when my boss said they hit the pentagon everyone was silent as we watched the t.v. we had for demo no one moved we were crying for the people that were in those buildings and planes. The rest of the day very little people came in the streets were pretty bare
and me worried about my kids in school and if they were going to close the schools. All I know, as if someone was killing my family I felt a lot of hurt and hatred and feeling like getting even with the demon's spawn, that day made me appreciate life in general and to know that life is too short as it is to let someone scare me into thinking to be scared, yes I might die,but I'll fight doing it and I won't go alone I'll take one of them with me.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

It made me know to love my family more and my country and
it's people and appreciate life more than before, my ma had a saying when we were little she said stop and smell the flowers once in a while, more or less take some time to enjoy what you worked so hard to get for maybe tomorrow it won't be there.

NMAH Story: Remembered

All the people that gave their life for our country as far as I'm concerned they all gave their lives for us,and they should declare this a holiday or memorial day.

NMAH Story: Flag

I did fly my flag and lit candles for a couples of days, I always felt proud of my countrys flag and that day just made them stronger to protect it.


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