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NMAH Story: Story

I am an engineer in Mountain View, CA. I recall in the early morning of Sept. 11th that I received a phone call waking me up. My mother told me to turn on the news and we watched as the World Trade Center #2 was hit. Amazing. Tragic. It was like a scene from a hollywood movie, only shockingly real. I watched mesmerized throughout the day as the news unfolded. My heart went out to the victims and their familes.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

I believe the event changed the world's perception of security. America became a more security-conscious society and we tried to safeguard our defenses. The creation of Homeland Security Department, the War on Terror, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, etc. are all symptomatic of the event.

NMAH Story: Remembered

That security is everyone's responsibility. That tolerance and peace, unbiased education, and dialogue are the best defenses against this type of thing.

NMAH Story: Flag

I've always been patriotic, although I did get a flag sticker for my car.


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