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Amanda Mondello Global
5-24-02 September 11th

September 11th was a dramatic and tragic day for
everyone in the United States. Terrorists attacked our
country and killed innocent lives. Two planes were flown
into the Twin Towers and after that, sparked a war between
the United States and Osama bin Laden, the main suspect for
this horrendous act. No matter what, people want him to be
captured whether he is dead or alive.
I remember seeing the dust and the destruction on
the television. Every class that I went into, the
television was on and everyone's eyes were glued to it,
watching in complete silence. We were all listening to find
out and discover new information about what was going on.
When I was in Global Studies, second period, we were
watching for about ten minutes when all of a sudden we
witnessed the second plane crash into the side of the second
building. At first we were like why are they showing us a
replay of what is going on, but then we realized that it
wasn't the first plane, it was the second one. I could not
believe that us, of all people, experienced that second
plane crash into the building.
I was so traumatized just thinking about all of the
innocent lives that were just ended that day. People going
to work not realizing that they would never see their
families again. In my mind that would be so hard to just
lose someone because of the hatred that man has for our
country, just because we are different and he doesn't agree
with how we are and how our country is run.
After that day a lot of people changed. I remember
the next day I was driving around and I saw people putting
up flags in their windows on, on their cars, hanging on
posts. Their were also people holding candles, mourning the
loss of all the people that had their lives ended so
suddenly inside of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.
A sign of patriotism just shot through our country that
we haven't seen in awhile. Even though this was a
devastating event, it brought our nation together and made
us that much stronger in many different ways. Our school
raised money so that we could put up flags in almost every
single one of our windows, which I thought was very
generous. Also when we had our moment of silence for what
had happened, everyone was silent and I could see in his or
her faces that they truly cared about what was going on
around them.
This day will be remembered for the rest of our lives, and
is now a part of the history that will be taught hundreds of
years from now. The lives that were affected by this
catastrophe will also be remembered, and the ones that ended
will be deeply missed. I just can't believe that someone
would be so merciless to kill yourself as well as innocent
lives just because you were told to and because you dislike
our western civilization. That truly makes me sick that
someone could just go out their, steal our planes, and kill
our American people.


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