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Fostering Conversation & Collaboration

As a board member for the Ohio Humanities Council, I’m often reminded that conversation is integral and crucial to the humanities; yet many would not consider how to use technology to foster conversation a humanities initiative. Inspired by the UMWBlogs and other university WordPress multisite platforms, a colleague and I embarked on a mission to …

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PROPOSAL: Best practices for structuring and visualizing research data

This session is happening! Sunday, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm, Room 92. If you’re interested, please (please please please) read and comment on the Googledocs draft session structure!!! There are a number of ongoing projects that center around structuring, storing, sharing and visualizing data within the humanities, ranging from well-known tools such as Zotero to …

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Proposing a Pan-THATCamp-alactic project

Yesterday, Dan Cohen tweeted a comment about all the places where THATCamps are springing up, causing me to once again look over the list of past and upcoming THATCamps–almost 50 in total.  It really has become a world-wide phenomenon. All of which caused me to tweet: Given the global nature of #THATCamp, it’d be cool …

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Speaking (digital) truth to (analog) power

According to Urban Dictionary (most credible source EVER!), the phrase “speak truth to power” means: A phrase coined by the Quakers during in the mid-1950s. It was a call for the United States to stand firm against fascism and other forms of totalitarianism; it is a phrase that seems to unnerve political right, with reason. …

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Documentation: Love it or Hate it, We Need It

How does the availability, writing style, and level of completeness of documentation influence our willingness to use a digital tool or to engage in a project? More important, how does it effect the core audiences for our projects? I use the term “documentation” to refer to any set of instructional writing or media (printed and/or …

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Proposal: One Session | One Solution


CONTEXT: Many (most?) of you will remember the “One Week | One Tool” event hosted in 2010 by CHNM (and funded by the NEH) that resulted in Anthologize. The event was described on their site as “a unique summer institute, one that aim[ed] to teach participants how to build an open source digital tool for …

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Archives, Encoding, and Students, Oh My!

Teacher-scholars unite! I’ve been testing some possible applications of Omeka archives and Zotero as collaborative tools organizing the development of literary research methodologies classes, and I’d like to take the wonderful opportunity of THATcamp to begin developing the structure and content of project I see as The Next Step. I’d like your help to discuss, …

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