Wendy Hsu

  • Title / Position: Phd Candidate
  • Twitter: wendyfhsu

Wendy Hsu is a PhD Candidate in the Critical and Comparative Studies in Music program at the University of Virginia. She is finishing her dissertation, an ethnography that explores the social and musical life of Asian American musicians actively performing in independent (indie) rock music scenes. This dissertation investigates processes of identity articulation and community formation in the post-Civil-Rights, post-9/11 United States. She is interested in developing digital methods that extend and reconceptualize ethnographic processes in contemporary contexts. With the support from the Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities offered by the UVa Scholars’ Lab, she implemented methods of digital fieldwork, applying web-scraping techniques to map the social networks of the musicians in her dissertation research. This visualization process has helped highlight the transnational musical exchanges between the United States and the various sub-regions of Asia. She has presented this work at annual meeting of the Society of Ethnomusicology, The Pop Conference at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and at the International Association of the Study of Popular Music meeting in Hong Kong. She co-taught seminar Digital Vernacular Music-Culture with Carey Sargent. As a HASTAC scholar and THATCamper, she is working to support a sustained conversation on music and digital ethnography. This summer she will start her Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Digital Learning and Research at Occidental College.

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