Gunder Varinlioglu

  • Title / Position: curator
  • Twitter: ByzGunder

Bachelor in architecture, MA in Art History and Archaeology, and Phd in Mediterranean Archaeology. My interest in things digital go back to my experience with CAD, followed by clases on GIS. Since then, I have been interested in integrating digital tools in humanistic research, in particular in Byzantine Studies which is still an extremely traditional field. At my current job, in collaboration with librarians and other professionals, I try to promote digital humanities. I have recently started to work on an online exhibit using Omeka. My department organized a workshop on Zotero and other bibliographic tools. I also have a conceptual design for one of our archival collections. For my personal archaeological survey, I am interested in creating a database that brings together different types of field documents (maps, GPS data, satellite images, photos, datasheets of finds and sites, etc.). I would like to create a web-based platform including the database and allowing the researchers in different locations work collaboratively. I have no idea who Nicholas Carr or Slavoj Zizek are and I never played that Galaga thing. But I am into scifi if this a plus for my application.

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