Gabrielle Dean


I had my first blog in 2000, which was hard to do via dial-up in Paris. It was perched on a service that no longer exists and whose name I no longer remember. Despite those auspicious beginnings, my technological education was impoverished in grad school (big state school = crappy equipment for overworked TAs). I currently work as a curator and librarian (post CLIR post-doc) but still identify mostly as a teacher. My second blogs were both for classes, on blogspot for ease of student access, eg My research focuses on American literature and "medium rare" print culture, especially the relationship between text and illustration in the 100 years after the invention of the daguerreotype. An extension of this set of interests is the visuality and ephemerality of digital culture. I've become quite enamored of library history lately. My technological education has recovered somewhat through my work in the library but is still delinquent. I dislike facebook but find flickr and twitter irresistable, am slowly putting together a personal website on weebly. I learned and mostly forgot html and TEI; would like to be more code independent.

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