• Title / Position: retired

I'm a retired computational lexicologist (which is a computational linguist that specializes in understanding and using the contents of machine-readable dictionaries) I have a Ph.D. from U.Texas at Austin based on my diss. on "Structure of the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary". I created the first dictionary taxonomy (which later inspired George Miller et al. to create and release WordNet). I've worked at UT's Linguistic Research Center, SRI International, Bellcore, MITRE Corp., and as a contractor for NIST and Dept. of Energy. I'm the liaison for the Assoc. for Computational Linguistics to the National Museum of Language (College Park, MD). I helped them create a wiki for the NML. I most recently worked on creating their exhibit on Emerging American English during the War of 1812 exhibit about Noah Webster's role in creating American English. I was one of the steering commitee members of the Text Encoding Initiative funded by the NEH, Mellon Foundation, EU. I helped create the TEI standard on machine-readable dictionaries. I'm a member of the Humanist mailing list. I live in Vienna, VA.

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