Some References from the Intro to CMSes Talk

I was asked to provide references to the essays and books I mentioned in my talk.  Here they are:

Landow, George P. Hypertext 2.0: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology. 2nd ed. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997.

Manovich, Lev. The Language of New Media. MIT Press, 2002.

Manovich, Lev. “Database as Symbolic Form.” Convergence 1999.

Nelson, T. Computer Lib: Dream Machines. Microsoft Press, 1987.

Ramsey, Stephen. “In Praise of Pattern.” TEXT Technology 14.2 (2005).

Shirky, Clay. “Ontology Is Overrated — Categories, Links, and Tags.” Clay Shirky’s Writings About the Internet 2005. Web. 9 Feb 2010.

(Sorry for the inconsistent formatting …)

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