Proposing a Pan-THATCamp-alactic project

Yesterday, Dan Cohen tweeted a comment about all the places where THATCamps are springing up, causing me to once again look over the list of past and upcoming THATCamps–almost 50 in total.  It really has become a world-wide phenomenon.

All of which caused me to tweet:

Given the global nature of #THATCamp, it’d be cool to design a project to which each thatcamp can contribute a piece over time.

To which @thatcamp replied:

@ericdmj You are SO right. So much is possible. Could be a #THATCamp proposal, even, such a project.

So, being a good follower of instruction, this I now do.

That said, I have no firm suggestions.  But to start the gears turning: what hacking/programming-focused project could we do that would allow asynchronous contributions over long spans of time by people who are, more than likely, only dedicating a single session at any given THATCamp thereto?

An hour here, an hour there, here in Paris, there in Canberra, there in New England. . . . What could we build across time and space?

Any and all thoughts welcome!



  1. Tad Suiter

    A quilt?

    …Seriously, though, and in the spirit of the Digital History of the Digital Humanities concept, what about an open repository for A/V?

    Encourage as many people as possible to record things on their cameras, camcorders, phones, and then have a central hosting cite where people can upload and download files as they like. I’d definitely use it, if it got a good amount of video on it.

    A year from now, we could host the first THATCamp Prime Film Festival.

    (Not to mention, think about the coolness of a repository of shared video footage that also hosted people’s edited films made from it– raw material and constructed memory together… a great way to have an in-depth history.)

  2. Tad Suiter

    *To clarify, what I meant to say was for THATCAMP RELATED A/V.

    In other words, a THATCamp memory bank.

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